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Vacant Building Insurance in Arizona

Protection Designed for You

Your home or building needs solid insurance while vacant. A standard property policy restricts or excludes coverage for vacant buildings. That’s why you need a specialty policy.

Through our Partnership with SECURA, we can offer coverage for liability and property insurance even while a building is vancant. You’ll find our people truly care and enjoy helping you.

Key Coverage Benefits

  • Property Coverage available up to $3 million
  • Tailor-made policy terms to fit your needs
    (Maximum policy term is 6 months)
  • Vacancy Permit — This key coverage form gives back the coverage taken away in the standard vacancy provision
  • General Liability
  • Property Coverage for your building and contents
  • Replacement cost option available

SECURA Benefits

  • M. Best gives us an A rating, meaning you’re insured by a company that is financially strong — like you need it to be.
  • We are an admitted carrier company, unlike others, who are in the E&S This is another way to show that we’re a solid, dependable company.

SECURA’s Ideal Risk

  • SECURA is a market for recently vacant residential, commercial, or mixed residential/commercial buildings that are 100% vacant, in good condition, and in which the owner has plans to sell or rent
  • Examples:
    • A Personal Lines policyholder has sold their home but needs coverage until
    • An elderly policyholder recently moved to an assisted living facility and needs coverage until their family can sell the
    • A small office building owner lost their only tenant and needs coverage until they can find a new

Value-Added Services

Outstanding Claims Service
  • When we’re notified of a loss, we call you back within 24 hours, follow up regularly, and work with you until your claim is
Consultative Risk Management
  • We offer risk management solutions that help you improve
  • You have unlimited access to our online safety resource, Prevention Connection.

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