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Mexico Auto Insurance

Looking for Mexico Auto Insurance for driving to Mexico?

Viva la Mexico!

Headed South of the Border soon? Well, if you are here in Arizona this is something that isn’t foreign to us.

At Icon Insurance Solutions we not only can help protect you while you are traveling within the States but we can also provide you with insurance protection for your long weekends in Mexico.

What is Mexico Auto Insurance?

Mexico Auto Insurance is a separate insurance policy that protects you are out of the United States and in Mexico.

Why Do I need this?

Your standard auto insurance carrier here in the United States will not extend coverage to you when you cross the border. Some insurance carriers do offer limited Mexico extension but it is always best to check with your agent first before assuming it does. This being said, if you are in an accident, or your vehicle was stolen while you were in Mexico… there would be no coverage.

How easy is it to get set up?

Extremely! All you need to do is call us at Icon Insurance Solutions and we can bind your insurance for Mexico while on the phone and email you the documents so you are ready to go. This coverage requires placement one hour before crossing the border so make sure to call in advance.

What happens if I do have a dreaded claim?

  1. You MUST file the claim while you are in Mexico. Once you cross over the border the coverage is void and getting a claim covered at this point is difficult.
  2. Only someone who is listed on the Mexico Auto Insurance Policy with a valid US drivers license can operate the vehicle. If another party is operating the vehicle than there would be no coverage
  3. Mexico insurance runs from clock time to clock time. So if it starts a 8am then it ends at 8 am. Make sure to check with your local agency be sure you have adequate time to cross over.
  4. Mexico Insurance is rated based on your vehicle value. So make sure that you are comfortable with your deductibles in place for both Collision and Theft coverage. Along with assessing an adequate amount of coverage to your auto. Better yet… call your agent!

Mexico is a fun place to visit for our local Tucson residents, but it is also important to protect what you value most while on vacation. Call us at Icon Insurance Solutions to make sure you and your family are covered while soaking up the sun.