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Motorcycle & ATV Insurance

Looking for Motorcycle or ATV Insurance ?

Motorcycle/ATV’s/and Recreational Vehicles

Here in Arizona we are an all year round Motorcycle weather state. Because we are lucky to have amazing weather and be able to enjoy our motorcycles throughout the year it is important we are not only just providing them coverage for when they are being worked on in the garage… but also when we hit the highway.

Why do I need Motorcycle Coverage?

In the State of Arizona any vehicle that is registered for public roadways MUST carry liability insurance coverage. Yes yes yes this included Motorcycles, ATV’s, and even registered golf carts. Besides that basic reason there are also a lot of other reasons why Motorcycle/ATV/and other recreational vehicle coverages are important.

But I have home and auto insurance so I’m good!

In the State of Arizona, there is no extension of coverage to your “toys” from your auto or home policies. Your “fun” vehicles need to carry their own insurance policy to make sure you are not only getting liability coverage but physical damage coverage also.

Some of the major components of a Motorcycle/ATV/and Recreational Vehicle are:

Liability Coverage– This coverage just like your auto insurance coverage is going to protect you from financial risk if you are found negligent for someone else’s bodily injury in an accident. If you are unsure if you are protected or if you have enough coverage please call a local agent to discuss your options.

Medical Payments– This coverage provides protection for your bodily injury (regardless of fault) if you are injured in an accident.

Property Damage to your Toy – This is made up of two coverages in the State of Arizona. Comprehensive and Collision Coverage. Each one of these coverages provides you with difference options to protect your “toy” if it is hurt  in an accident. Be sure to talk with your agent about comfortable deductible options that work for you and your family.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage– In the State of Arizona we offer a coverage that would provide you coverage is you were injured in an accident by someone who didn’t have insurance or didn’t have enough insurance to cover your bodily injury if you were in an accident caused by another party. This coverage is not required by law but so important that you are offered it. Talk with a qualified agent to make sure you know what this important coverage does for you.

So I have a “toy” now and need coverage what do I do?

Call a local qualified agent (like us) and talk to them about your needs. At Icon Insurance Solutions we are able to search several carriers for this diverse coverage and make sure you have the best package and rate for your family.