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About Us

Why Icon Insurance Solutions is the best choice graph. Call for details.

We help you find the insurance that's right for you.

As an independent agency, we gather and compare quotes from over 50 TOP Insurance companies for you, helping you find the insurance that best fits your unique needs, within your budget.

Icon Insurance Solutions was born out of a fundamental need to do the best possible job in protecting their clients. Standard insurance companies typically lack following through and the ability to put their clients before their bottom line.

By shedding the bonds of the captive agency model where only one company is represented and embracing the independent agency concept that enables Icon Insurance Solutions to represent their clients’ needs with nearly every insurance carrier in the country/world.

With over a decade of experience and expertise in risk analysis, Icon Insurance Solutions is able to find the best fit for you with their many carriers, regardless of where you are in the country. Whether you’re looking for protection among corn fields in Illinois or the wards of New Orleans, Icon Insurance Solutions can take care of you.

Icon Insurance Solutions is one of the fastest growing independent insurance agencies in Arizona. They continue to prove time and time again just how dedicated they are to their customers. This companies willingness to help not only our customers but our fellow small businesses in the community shows a true testament to what we are all really looking for… someone who cares.

Based in Arizona, Icon Insurance Solutions is dedicated not only to the right placement of their clients, but to providing top notch customer service and support, all without sacrificing coverage. Only with the flexibility to build a policy around our clients are we able to best serve them and you. That’s why Icon Insurance Solutions is proud to be cutting out the grey areas, so you know your protection is there in black and white.