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Being a household with a teenager driver in Arizona…. cue the horror music

When we think about adding our newly licensed driver to our insurance policies I think 2 big thoughts come to mind… 1. I am not ready for this and 2. My bank account isn’t ready for this. We at Icon Insurance Solutions can’t really help with problem #1. As parents ourselves we won’t pretend we are even close to being ready for our little ones to be darting around town at the age of 16. However, we can help with #2. Oh and we have news for you… we are going to do that part together.

So how do we attack this?

  • 16 year old drivers cause accidents and get tickets… it’s just the fact. The probability of a newly licensed driver (regardless of age really) is more likely to get into an accident than let’s say a 50 year old female driver with 20 years driving experience ( we can hear the men now). Once you come to terms with this we can then move to number 2.
  • Let’s talk when your “student driver” has a permit. In Arizona your teen can obtain a permit at the age of 15 ½ years of age. When this happens call us. We can help set you up for some discounts your teen would be eligible for if they had enough time to prepare for. Example… if you’re teen has a 3.0 GPA or higher this would allow a LARGE DISCOUNT to your auto insurance policy. I mean it makes sense right? Good grades = better more conscientious drivers.
  • Let’s talk options- We are a broker. This means that we have options!!!!! Hooray! Let’s say the current insurance company you are with (could be any of my companies I represent also) would like to increase your premium by 1000/6 months to add Jr. (don’t pass out) to your policy. Instead of saying it kind of is what it is… together we will re-shop your insurance rates and see if there is a better company out there for you and your newly licensed driver. Sometimes this option still amazes me!
  • Not all coverage is created equal when it comes to $$$- Before you had a youthful driver maybe your outlook on insurance was we have to have the Best you have to offer. We have to have low deductibles and high liability limits. Well I think that is amazing and should always have rainbows and butterflys in your life as well… but the reality of it is when you add a teenage driver to your household… that feeling in the pit of your stomach you feel when I tell you the price, can sometimes make you questions what coverage is right for you. I am here to tell each and every one of you. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A CHOICE AS TO WHETHER OR NOT YOU WANT TO FIX SOMEONE YOU DID DAMAGE TO. EVER! However, you have the choice to not being able to fix your own damage because you can’t afford your deductible etc. If you have to choose between higher liability limits or lower deductibles… PICK HIGHER LIABILITY LIMITS EVERY SINGLE TIME. And twice on Tuesday.
  • We’ve got to continue to review and reproach- After your new driver has been licensed for a year you will have the opportunity to hopefully have some breathing room. Not only in your life but in your premium on your insurance policy. The more experience your teenager has behind the wheel the less it will affect your insurance rate. This is where it is important to have a great relationship with your insurance agent. They can help you determine when to file a claim (if minor and based on circumstance) they can also help you determine new potential ways to save you on your insurance policy.


Ultimately adding a new teenage or youthful driver doesn’t have to be scary. Put away your Horror Movie soundtrack and turn up that Sound of Music. We are going to do it together. Let us help you prepare for your new driver and answer any questions you might have. The more information you have the more equipped and prepared you will be for when you need to add you bundle of teenage joy to your insurance policy.

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