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Icon Insurance Solutions & Allrisk – NEMT

Through our Partnership with All Risks, Icon Insurance Solutions is able to help insure your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation business.

America’s baby boomers are hitting 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day, and healthier lifestyles are keeping them in their homes longer. The impact of this escalates the demand for a critical health care-related job: Transporting people to and from non-emergency medical appointments

New transportation companies are trying to fill the demand, where taking Uber or Lyft just won’t cut it. In fact, this is an unmet need that’s going to continue to affect tens of millions of people.

Icon Insurance Solutions and All Risks has been a partner in the non-emergency medical transportation industry for several years and offers a comprehensive NEMT WC Specialty Product. We understand your needs regarding insuring your employees in order to help ensure your profitability.

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