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Knock Knock… Who’s there???? You’re ever increasing insurance rates!

Being a consumer in our current world has its definite advantages. We are faster, more knowledgeable about product, and quicker to make decisions based on the reviews of others. These are all great, but when it comes to your insurance you might be missing some key components by relying on what you’re used to alone to give you the “best out there”.

What I am going to do is show you the 5 surefire ways you are probably helping heighten insurance rates and not even knowing it. My primary goal in this is to show you Insurance doesn’t need to be difficult, it doesn’t need to be confusing, and it sure as heck doesn’t need to cost you more money to find coverage that fits you and your family’s budget.

5 Ways you are increasing your premium without even knowing it!

  1. You haven’t talked to your agent in 9-12 months.

If you haven’t heard from your agent in 9-12 months this is a huge red flag. Just simply find a new one. Now when I say haven’t heard from I don’t mean by phone always. I mean if your agent hasn’t sent you a card, emailed you, or even so much as sent you an automated birthday phone call… find a new one. So much in your life changes in a blink of an eye and it is our job as insurance agents to help you make adjustments to your policies and discounts to accommodate your needs. You might be missing things like multi-policy discounts, youthful driving discounts, and did you know you could even get a discount just for having your bills emailed to you? Do a policy review, it is a must!

  1. You have your home/renters insurance with one company, and your auto with another.

Nothing saves you more money than bundling your policies together! You are doing yourself a disservice by not at least getting a quote to find out what it would be to put them together. Plus there are companies out there (of course I represent some) that if you have a home and auto with them and have a claim that involves both… get this, they will allow you a combined deductible! WHAT?!!!!!

  1. You are filing small claims.

Your deductible is 1000 on your homeowner’s policy, you have a 1300 water claim and your agent doesn’t advise you of a possible premium increase. These small claims that only cost you your deductible at the time can potentially cost you more in the long run. Educate yourself and get with your agent before filing these claims.

  1. You have low deductibles

Sure, a low deductible is great if you were to have a claim. However a low deductible could potentially be costing you more over time than if you simply increased it. If you haven’t toyed with the idea of bringing your 100 deductible up to a 500 or even a 1000 deductible, talk to your agent. * Oh and those of you who are “earning” a deductible that lowers every 6 months if you are accident free… guess what… you are actually paying for that!

  1. You have an insurance agent who only can offer you one option/quote

Part of the fun of insurance (did I just use insurance and fun in one sentence… you bet your butt I did) is that you shouldn’t be stuck. You should have the freedom to be able to say “is this the best option for me?” Sure, a lot of the big name companies that spend a fortune on advertising want you to believe that because of their “BIG NAMES” they are the only company you should get quotes from or the only ones who have a reputable name in the industry community. I am here to tell you that agents who sell for more than one company, a.k.a independent agents like myself, actually will have the advantage of finding the best policy at the best rate that is available. I can’t tell you the thousands of dollars I have saved people who are with an agent who only has one option for them. Whether you call me or another independent insurance agent out there… just simply call one. You owe it to your family’s pocket book and legacy to make sure it is being protected at the best price.

I realize for most people insurance can be dry and not at the top of your list, so hopefully these little bits will help get you excited about the potential to save some money and allow your family the freedom to do more things… because let’s be honest at the end of the day if we are not benefiting our “Why” then what really is the point?

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