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Top 3 Insurance companies that offer rideshare endorsments for UBER and LYFT drivers in Arizona

***Transportation Network Company = TNC

  1. Safeco (Best Coverage): The endorsement provides coverage during the specific period of time when the driver has logged into the transportation network company’s application and is looking for a passenger, but has not accepted a request for transportation and no passenger is occupying the vehicle
  2. Progressive (Typically the Cheapest Option): The Progressive Rideshare Insurance endorsement fills most of the coverage gaps between the Progressive Personal Auto policy and the TNC policy. If you have accepted a request from a passenger or for a delivery or has a pas­senger or delivery in the car: The TNC policy may apply, but may have higher deductibles than the Personal Auto policy.  The Progressive Rideshare Insurance endorsement fills the gap between the selected Personal Auto deductible and the deductible of the TNC policy.
  3. Mercury (Happy Medium): Any insurance we provide for use of an owned vehicle listed in this endorsement, during the period of time from the moment the TNC driver participating in a TNC logs on to the TNC’s online-enabled application or platform, until the TNC driver logs off the online-enabled application or platform, or until the prearranged ride is complete and all passengers have exited the vehicle, whichever is later, shall be excess to:
  4. All other insurance, contingent insurance, self-insurance, liability bonds, certification of financial responsibility, and protection pursuant to a financial responsibility filing; and
  5. The financial responsibility or insurance limits required by law to be maintained by a transportation network company or a transportation network company driver.

**NOTE: Some rideshare programs (e.g. UberBlack and UberSUV) require driver partners to maintain commercial insurance policies, not private passenger auto; consult rideshare company guidelines.

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