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Not quite a heat wave… more like a steady burst that lasts 3 months : How to make sure your Arizona home and auto are ready for the summer weather

But it’s a dry heat”

Whatever you want to call it, the Arizona summers come in like a gust of hot breathe and don’t let up until we are all begging for mercy at the end of August- even sometimes into the end of September. It’s pretty safe to say that in the months of June, July, and August we are all looking for an air conditioned movie theater or a body of pool water to jump in.

But what about our “stuff”?

What about the items that don’t get any break for the intense heat? Should we as homeowners, car owners, and “stuff” owners be doing extra things to care for our items in the hell… I mean hotness… that is the summer in Arizona?

The answer to this question is yes. Most don’t even think about the wear and tear the heat does to our homes and automobiles during the summer heat. So as you get ready for the summer in the desert here are a few tips you should be considering as we are getting ready for the summer months ahead.

How you can get your home and auto ready for the Arizona summer heat

Air Conditioning is Life

Picture this. It’s 2 am- you have 2 babies and two older almost teenagers in the house.

The AC is out, and oh… by the way it’s July in Arizona. Miserable isn’t even an accurate statement. The thing that alot of people don’t realize about air conditioning is that it’s one of those products you under appreciate until you use it. So what we have done in my home is actually become more proactive. Consider paying for a monthly AC service. They actually come out of to my home monthly, service my HVAC unit, leave me filters, and also make sure that we are stopping any problems before they start.

Another alternative to consider when it comes to AC here in Arizona is think about upgrading your unit to a Solar Powered environmentally friendly more cost effective way of cooling. Most companies like Solar City can come out do an inspection of your home to see if it’s a good fit for Solar as a complementary feature of their service. I have personal friends who have saved thousands on their electric bills in the summer time by using Solar.

If you currently use a swamp cooler in Arizona it is recommended that it is serviced at the end of every season and beginning of every season. As an insurance agent, I have seen so many claims arise due to neglect of the cooling unit. Most homeowners don’t realize that if a claim arises due to neglect or wear an tear on a roof due to a swamp cooler malfunction that it is very difficult to provide coverage. So make sure your swamp cooler is functioning properly and that you are keeping maintenance records just in case a claim should ever arise.

Cracks just aren’t fun

If you have driven anywhere in the desert by now you have probably experienced a rock kick up and ding your windshield. And if you haven’t… never fear I get a minimum of 3-4 every few months so I am making up for your lack of them.

According to Safelite, if you have a ding in your windshield that is smaller than a size of a dollar bill, then it potentially can be repaired. However, in the heat of Arizona summers all too often those small dings end up running and causing an entire windshield crack. So make sure you are keeping an eye on small cracks and replacing/repairing them as needed.

You want to make sure even the smallest ding in your windshield if in the line of your drivers vision, be called in for replacement immediately. It can be a driving hazard and it needs to be replaced at once.

The Anti-Green Thumb

If you know me personally you know that it is actually a miracle that I have 4 living, breathing humans that survive with me on a daily basis. I say this because anything living in or outside my home I tend to bring a slow death to.

If you don’t have a landscaping company on retainer in Arizona and you suddenly feel the urge to want to have fresh landscape you are going to want to wait until the high temperatures of the summer pass. Even though desert plants are meant to withstand the high heat of the Arizona summers, they won’t root properly in the summer months and require being planted and rooted while the soil is still cool. The ideal months to plant in Arizona are going to be from February- April in preparation for some fresh summer landscaping.

Give that Battery in your car some TLC

The summers in Arizona are known to kill lots of things… especially the battery in your vehicle. The unbearable heat can cause battery fluids to dry up and cause high frequency of overcharging. You’ll want to make sure to keep it clean, maintained at a local car parts center, and even replaced if there are any signs of wear.

All that Pressure: well tire pressure that is

Nothing can mess with tire pressure more than extreme temperatures. To avoid a flat, a blow out, and of course the even dreaded being stuck on the side of the road in 115 degree heat… you’ll want to make sure to check your tire pressure when you fill up your gas tank. Many shops, such as Discount Tire, will actually check your tire air pressure as a complimentary service. Make sure to make this a part of your summer routine.

Leaving on a jet plane: How to care for your Vacant Arizona summer home

As the snow melts away on the East coast and the desert gets ready for Rattlesnake season (enough reason for me to become a snow bird) it is officially the end of our Winter Resident Season. So if you are one of those fortunate souls who escapes the summer heat here are a few tips that you need in order to prepare to leave your home vacant during the summer months:

  • Pull in any patio or outdoor furniture and store is safely inside. The monsoon season brings heavy winds and all too often patio furniture ends up being found in neighboring yards.
  • Change all your smoke detector and fire alarm batteries
  • Leave a key with a neighbor or advise a trusted neighbor how long you will be gone so they can make sure to keep an eye on the property while you are gone.
  • Turn off the water on the inside of the home. This will make a huge difference in your peace of mind that you won’t come back to a flood inside your home while you are away. Pro-Tip *Keep a local restoration company on speed dial in case there is a need for a 24 hour emergency service need while you are away*
  • Empty your refrigerator, unplug and leave the door open for circulation.
  • Unplug major appliances like your oven, hot water tank, washer and dryer. Also smaller appliances are good to consider unplugging as well. Anything you can do to prevent electrical fires is a smart move.
  • Most importantly DO NOT under any circumstances announce on social media, public outlets, or any other public forums that you will be gone for a certain amount of time. This is a recipe for a break in.
  • Make sure your home insurance policy covers your home being vacant. There are some homeowners insurance policies that WILL NOT cover your policy if left vacant for over 30 days, so make sure to talk with your local independent insurance agent.

The Arizona summers might bring on the heat… but they also are a wonderful time where we pretty much enjoy around the clock sunshine and pool weather. It doesn’t take much to prepare for the summer and I have found that the better you prepare the more you can avoid the 2 am AC going out. Like most things preparation is key.

If you have any questions as to other things you should be preparing for during the summer months don’t hesitate to call the agency at anytime! We love to help! If you found this article helpful give us a share on social media.

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