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Everything you need to know when buying a house in the Arizona 2021 market

It’s April 2021. Your kids have asked you 112 times for fruit snacks in the last 2 hours, you just finished your third zoom meeting, you finished your Instacart order for groceries, and if you are lucky you have maybe Door Dashed yourself some lunch. Maybe. Life in 2021 looks different. We’ve survived 2020 only to be met with new challenges in 2021. Maybe one of your challenges is deciding whether your kids should go back to school full time in person. Maybe your challenge is closing your physical office location down and moving to home base. Or maybe it’s wanting to find you and your family a new home.

But hold that zillow app… it’s 2021 and there are just simply not enough cups of coffee in the world to begin the process of finding a home in Arizona with the current market we are in. Can I get an Amen?

Between the never ending search for the realtor that is the right fit for you to finding a loan officer who can kick out a pre-approval letter with a 2 minute window so you don’t lose a house… the process is daunting. Especially in 2021.

With properties at an all time “slim pickins” buyers are frantically searching for not only a property they can move their family into, but also rushing through finding options for their financing so that way they don’t lose a home in this market. The reality is during this hectic time that is the Arizona housing market of 2021, buyers are having to think and react differently than they are used to.

So I called in the big dogs to help navigate this process by providing you with “pro-tips” to lead you into what you should be doing before searching, during the search, and once you find the gold mine that is a potential new home.



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